Aselapura Amy camp situated about 10 kilo meters off Welikanda in Polonnaruwa district towards to Toppigala. Aselapura Army detachment control area is covering a huge area and that areas are includes with many poor villages. Most of the villages does not have even proper drinking water facility to cater to their day to day life. Read more about Bicycles donation to Aselapura Army Camp in Welikanda

Helabima organization initiated another project for Demahavaeva camp. The radio communication room which is located at the Demahavaeva camp is made out of metal sheets and without proper heat insulations. During the summer the signal operators has to bare the heat and during the cold weather they has to bare the cold. Read more about New Building for Seeduwa Army camp

Constructed 13 houses for poor people, who contribute to protect our motherland by servicing in various defence units. These houses are constructed in various places in Thalawakela area. Houses were designed to suite the cold weather conditions of that area. Read more about Constructions of a housing scheme for low income soldiers

Donation of medical equipments to injured soldiers in Kuruvita Army Camp. Donated medical equipment to the Physiotherapy Unit of 4th Gamunu Regiment at Kuruvita for our brave soldiers who scarifies their limbs for safeguarding our beloved motherland. Read more about Medical equipments & vex bath for disabled soldiers at Kuruvita Camp

Boyagane camp for disabled soldiers were established on year 1999. All the soldiers who are in this camp are fought to save us from the Tamil terrorists migrated from India. Hence the living conditions of this camp is under the expectations, Helabima Organization came forward to help them to fulfill their requirements. Read more about New Building for Boyagane Army camp

Front Line Soldiers who Combat with Tamil Tigers

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather it is the judgment that more important than the fear.

They are the courage's people who safe guarding the country and the nation . . .

safe guarding even the Tamils in wherever they live . . . . . . who are the kith and kin of blood thirsty LTTE terrorists !! Read more about Courage is not the absence

'Ranaviruwo' musical group from Ranaviru sevana arrived to UAE on 18 th of Nov 2008 on the invitation of His Excellency the Ambassador to UAE, Mr. Janaka Bandara. Read more about Api Wenuwen Api in Dubai