A child was born around 1901 in Sikkim in Tibet and named as Pempa Tendupi Serky Cherin. Serky received a scholarship, with an annual allowance of six rupees, to study Buddhism in Ceylon and arrived there in 1912 or 1914. The child had been supervised by the famous Gnanaloka Thero a German national at a temple in Polgasduwa in southern Ceylon. Read more about එස්. මහින්ද හිමි කෞතුකාගාරය

In a calm sunny day at Arantalawe area, a bus is moving at a lonely road with saffron colored wearing Buddhist monks. They were going to a religious ceremony. Read more about අරන්තලාව ස්මාරකය

The interest of Lindula villages were gathered at the Buddhist temple constructions location to witness the historical event of Helabima Organization. Almost all of them joined to decorate the place for the event. Read more about පාමස්ටන් වත්ත පන්සල

Kuragala rock temple had found out as developed in the same era when Mihintalei, Wessagiriya, Ritigala, Dimbulagala, Situlpahuwa etc. According to this Sinhela Commentary, the language of these Sihala people was Sinhela or helubas. The earliest known Sinhela writings are in a rock inscription in Mihintale, that belong to the middle of the 3rd century BCE. Read more about කූරගල බෞද්ධාශ්‍රමය

This picture is an example of the inside of Willachiya  monastery before the construction. A monk sleeps  on a timber planks laid on the clay bricks

This project has been targeted to support Buddhists living in the area for their religious needs, provide shelter to the novice monks as well as making the unity between Sinhalese in the area. ected by the infamous unethical conversions taken place just after the Sri Lankan army clear the LTTE threat in Willachiya and Tantirimalei area. Read more about පේමඩුව සංඝාරාමය