The presence of the Sinhalese farmers in the Welioya area was a constant headache for the separatist Tamils in order to reach their illusionary homeland. However it was not easy to de-stabilize this farming communities due to the higher economical status compare to the people in other areas. Read more about Fertilizer for welioya farmers

Someone might wonder, what could have been the reason to make bunkers for a Sinhalese village who does not deal with any military activities. The reason is; people in Janakapura are another set of victims under the forced Tamilization over a long period which eventually ended with arms struggle. Read more about Bunkers for Janakapura Village

Immediate actions taken by Helabima organization in Tsunami disaster.

This page describes the immediate actions taken by the Helabima organization at the Tsunami disaster. Our members had approached three ways to support the Tsunami affected people. Read more about Foods and other essential items as Tsunami relief aids

Moravweva in Trincomalee is consisting of all three ethnic groups and it is noted that the LTTE is actively involve in ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese living in the area started from 02/03/88 by fourteen Sinhalese villagers shot dead, Morawewa by LTTE . Read more about Moraweva fishing boat project

This page describes a project which the Helabima organization carried out in year 2001 to assist the farmers in a village called Parangiya Wadiya at Horowpatana area. The project consists of supporting a paddy mill and its storage facility by providing the monetary funds as well as to purchase the paddy regularly from the farmers in the area for a fair amount compare to the black market. Read more about Paddy Project in Parangiya Wadiya at Horowpatana area

Kurundupitiya vaillage with a population of about 250 families lived for about 45 years by fetching daily water requirements from a distance of 2 Km. They were provided with a drinking water facilty including a well, 1000 Gallon capacity water tank, distribution pipeline & other facilities. Read more about Water Tank and pipe network of Kurundupitiya - Vavniyawa

In far too many parts of Sri Lanka, water has been treated as a free gift but it is not always the case in a place like Sandamal Eliya at Tanthitrimalei due to unpredicted monsoon rains. The harsh weather might fast dried up by the irrigation tanks too. Read more about Irrigation wells at Sandamaleliya

It was inevitable to bring back the peace, harmony and balance of day to day life in the village.A New Year festival is suggested By Helabima organization toboost the moral and the unity of the people.It was a series of mind soothing activities for the hopeless people rather than a New Year festival

When farmer Somapala was jolted from his sleep in the middle of a hot night by the sound of a scream, his family's nightmare had just begun. The scene of lying dead in a pool of blood, his younger brother and nephew killed made Somapala fainted. Read more about New Year festival at Mahakongaskada village

This villege situated in the North Western tip of Vauniya District, accessible via Medawachchiya Punewa town. The village is of great historic value. There are about 140 families currently residing in the "remaining segment" of the village; main livelihood is paddy & chena cultivation. Many of those families have moved out of their homeland after the massacre by LTTE Tamil Terrorists. Read more about Mahakongaskada village development