The Buddhist Temple that came up, when the Tamil politicians not allowed to fulfill religious needs of the village

It was around 155 AD. A young energetic horsemen dressed like a prince gallops through a path of a thick jungle near Kothmale. He stopped near a tree & remove his royal dress, hide them with his ROYAL SWARD inside a hole in the tree & wore like a normal country youth. Just hit the horse & said “Go back”. Read more about බෝගහවත්ත පන්සල, පාසල සහ පුස්තකාලය

Mutur is an isolated town in Trinco district. The governments who have come to the power with Sinhala votes have neglected these people who have become a direct target of LTTE Tamil Terrorists. Many times Sinhala school batted by Terrorists attacks. Most of the properties were  destroyed due to the war with Terrorists. Read more about Library and sports items for Mutur Sinhala school

The unethical conversions have been active to capture the primary schooling and nursery-school level (Montessori schools etc) education in Sri Lanka . This is precisely the time when minds are most plastic, and according to the Swiss psychologist and behavioral scientist Jean Piaget, the best time to influence a person and the fact confirmed by modern neuroscience.. Read more about Wennapuwa coputer project.

From mid 1950's onwards, Catholic terror in Buddhist VIETNAM led to the killing of about a million people. Fanatic Catholic dictator Ngo Dinh Diem issued U.S. Food Aid only to Catholics. Thousands of Buddhist protesters and monks were imprisoned in “detention camps.” Huge numbers are involved: 500, 000 were incarcerated, 80,000 were executed, etc. Read more about පෙර පාසල් ගුරු සමුළු

This project had been started mainly to facilitate 152 school children from approx 175 families who became homeless and displaced due to the inhuman racial attacks by LTTE. Those families were from Jaffna, Mannar, Trincomalei and Vavniya districts. Read more about New building for Asokapura School

Objective of the Project

The main objective of the project was to bear the cost of the salaries of four school teachers including a Buddhist monk for a year. 

Recognition of the project  Read more about ටැම්පිටිය ස්වෙච්චා ගුරුවරුන්ට වැටුප් ලබාදීම

Tantirimalei situated next to the Vilpattu National park from the East and twenty three miles from Anuradhapura .  Read more about Constructions of a Pre School for poor & helpless kids at Thantirimale

The world's fifth-largest quake in a century hit Southern Asia on 26th December 2004 unleashing a tsunami that crashed into Sri Lanka , India and a few other neighbouring countries killed more than 200,000 people and left a further million injured and homeless in Sri Lanka and other neighbouring countries . Read more about Helabima Educational fund