Charity Services

  • Helabima organization has funded this project in Weheragala village in Deegavapi area to signify a special reason apart from alleviating the poverty of the people. It is vital to note the back ground information in Deegawapi area by enquiring the historical, geographical facts. Read more about Weheragala Tanka - Deegawapiya

  • This the Helabima first project started in 1998 with fund contribution of few Srilankan friends in UAE.

    It was like a miraculous coincidence that the Helabima organization participated in the first project of it as constructing an abandoning tank in the area which converted to Tamil name as Kokkamodai, thus supporting the indigenous Sinhalese in two fold way such as assisting their irrigation requirements and unveil the Sinhalese identity at the area. Read more about Renovation of Kokmote Lake

  • Nilmalgoda lake during the reconstruction of dam

    This abandoned tank situated in Tantirimalei at North Western Province adjacent to Wilpattu National Park . The area Tantirimalei, was under constant Tamil terrorist attacks since 1983 and as a result, rapid decrease of Sinhala population taken place. It has to be noted that twenty one villages had being abandoned by the massacres and its aftermath. Read more about Nilmalgoda Lake

  • Pollebedda Lake Before the reconstructions

    Pollebadde was a peaceful remote area where only Veddhas lived harmony with the Sinhalese in surrounding villages. Both respected to each other with the mutual transfer of the goods for centuries. Read more about Pollebedda Lake