Weheragala Tanka - Deegawapiya

Helabima organization has funded this project in Weheragala village in Deegavapi area to signify a special reason apart from alleviating the poverty of the people. It is vital to note the back ground information in Deegawapi area by enquiring the historical, geographical facts.

The Muslim merchants from Arabia who were involved in business at coastal area in Sri Lanka had been a competition to Portuguese in trade routes. The Portuguese who inspired by greed, cruelty and intolerance had also thought Muslims as well as the indigenous Sinhalese hurdle to propagate the Christianity. The inevitable outcome was the conflicts between these races

The less powerful Muslims reached the Sinhalese monarchy and as a result, they were given lands mainly at Eastern area of Sri Lanka under the promise to absorb them and live with the Sinhalese. This promise had been never kept and later with the marriages, Sinhalese women had been absorbed in to Islam. should be note that those lands belongs only to Sinhalese who lived in the area for centuries.

Later after the colonialism, the history became worst with the new elite Colombo rulers whom called as “Kalu Suddasa” (a class of local black-whitesincluding Sinhalese, Tamils.) keeping further blind eye an provide only the lip service to the Sinhalese as well as mismanaged everything including ethnic 

relations. Though the upper class wealthy Muslims were also included in this elite society, they had been more faithful to Islam religion than the Western ruling class, and then maintained the ethnic isolation inspired by their ideologies and continue robbing the Sinhalese lands.This situation can be easily proved with the solid facts in Deegavapi area as the Muslims has possessing more than 6000 acres of paddy lands while Sinhalese has less than 150 acres of paddy lands.

This type of Muslim regional units demarcated not only by language but by economical and religious ethics where promoting the isolation from the Sinhalese and Tamils hence gradually becoming a threat to the ethical harmony.The area surrounded in Weheragala village by he later migrant Muslims is a good example for it. It consists of approx 450 Sinhalese families involving mainly in farming and had to depend on rain water since there was no proper irrigation water supply.

Helabima Organization identified their requirement and built a new tank based on some ruins and traces of an old dam which had been built more than 2000 years ago. Approx 1 km long completely new dam has been constructed for the Tank which spanning around 250 acres area.

Total project cost was 785,000Rs (Approximately 7850 USD) and completed in year 2004. The cultivating area from this tank is roughly about 150 acres of paddy fields.

Location of the event: