Pollebedda Lake

Pollebedda Lake Before the reconstructions

Pollebadde was a peaceful remote area where only Veddhas lived harmony with the Sinhalese in surrounding villages. Both respected to each other with the mutual transfer of the goods for centuries. The former clan at the very outset lived in caves in the forests and was hunters, whilst the Sinhalese in course of time cleared jungles and took mainly to farming and were pioneered the irrigation tanks. The Veddahs have eventually adopted pure Sinhala names getting used to the Sinhalese mode of living later. Veddah dances and rituals for example, 'Kirikoraha' dance had influenced by the dances of ancient Sinhalese.This situation prevailed centuries till the migrated South Indian Tamils claiming a separate state harassing the indigenous Veddhas community as well as Sinhalese.Dr R. .L. Spittel

It was a famous fact that Dr R. L Spittel was a highly regarded person not only among Veddhas but also among Sinhalese. He was a nature, wildlife and environment lover, he became interested in the aborigines of Sri Lanka - the 'Veddhas' and whenever he found time as a respite from his busy life as a surgeon he travelled with his daughter to their far off settlements in Bintenne, in the Uva Province. The Veddahs affectionately called him 'Hudu Hura' (‘white blood brother').

None of the articles written by Dr R.L. Spittel has any details about Tamils lived in the area hence further disproved the blatant lie of Tamil separatist state.

With the time passed by, the Veddahs turn their generic way of living in to the farming just like their neighboring Sinhalese brothers. Both communities felt the necessity of water and suffered by lack of water due to the unpredictable rains in North and East of Sri Lanka . Many governments neglected these people as well as the ancient tanks in the area. Both have recently beaten by the recent Tamil separatism.

With the recommendation and advices of Director of Jayagrahanaya organization in Kandy , Venerable Medagama Dhammananda Thero in Asgiriya Temple in Kandy , Helabima organization decided to renovate the age old tank called “Pollebadde tank”. Following are some of the land marks of this most wanted project for Pollebadde villagers.

This picture has taken before the renovation of the Pollebadde tank Renovated tank before the water filled by monsoon rain

The project completed on January 2000 with a cost of 4, 25,625 Rs (Approximately 4250 USD). It was a miraculous achievement for the neglected Pollebadde community once again after they have been treated, cared by their pure hearted “White blood brother”, Dr R.L. Spittel whom written following poem during the British colonial era, where the Helabima organization firmly followed the same concept,

"The heights by great men reached and kept Were not obtained by sudden flight But they while their companions slept, Were toiling upwards in the night." Dr R. .L. Spittel

In the ceremony of handing over the tank, villagers realized there “White blood brother” manifested once again via the “Brown blood brothers” in Helabima organization with the light of completed Pollebadde Tank which is a paramount importance of their survival and hence realized they are no more neglected.

“Kiri Bandiya” belongs to the older generation New generation mixed to the Sinhalese

Kuveni had given birth to two of Vijaya's children and those offspring are the folkloric ancestors of the present day Veddahs, an aboriginal people now living in scattered areas of eastern Sri Lanka . Those who had been supported this land mark project to being a great success helped the very original Sinhalese people.

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