Nilmalgoda Lake

Nilmalgoda lake during the reconstruction of dam

This abandoned tank situated in Tantirimalei at North Western Province adjacent to Wilpattu National Park . The area Tantirimalei, was under constant Tamil terrorist attacks since 1983 and as a result, rapid decrease of Sinhala population taken place. It has to be noted that twenty one villages had being abandoned by the massacres and its aftermath.

Helabima was one of the few several patriotic organizations, managed to eliminate the fear of the people on terrorism by assuring and thus providing many supportive projects. Nilmalgoda Tank is one project out of several other Agro and Civil projects carried out by Helabima organization.

Administration of the project

The Vijayabahu Trust Fund in Sri Lanka chaired by late Mr Neru Gunatilake acted on the local coordination as well as administration while the project management and technical support provided by Irrigation engineer Mr Gamini Perera. A survey had been carried out in Tantirimalei about water, sanitary and irrigation facilities of the area by Vijayabahu Trust Fund and then submitted to Helabima org. The construction of this medium sized tank called, Nilmalgoa tank had chosen considering the maximum necessity to the area presuming it could offer more support to the rural community

Advices and re-union of the village

By the Ven Chandaratana Thero in Tantirimalei temple.


  • The necessary funds mainly generated by blood donations in U.A.E.
  • This tank completely reconstructed with minimum machineries but using old technologies such as compacting the dam by tamed Elephants, buffalos.
  • Whoever villager had worked in the tank construction was provided their daily wages irrespective of him/her were benefitted by the tank renovation.
  • The tank later analyzed for long term sustainability by an independent body and found the construction was within the specification recognized by Sri Lanka Irrigation department.
  • The total cost of 350,000 Rs. had spent (Approximately 3500 USD) to complete the tank. The expected rehabilitation of the tank took place in year 2003.

“We need support from all our well wishers to continue with similar humanitarian projects to build a better future for such rural communities in Sri Lanka and this is a timely request to hand shake with Helabima to serve the requirements of the under privileged and deserving sections of the Sri Lankan community"

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