New Year festival at Mahakongaskada village

It was inevitable to bring back the peace, harmony and balance of day to day life in the village.A New Year festival is suggested By Helabima organization toboost the moral and the unity of the people.It was a series of mind soothing activities for the hopeless people rather than a New Year festival

When farmer Somapala was jolted from his sleep in the middle of a hot night by the sound of a scream, his family's nightmare had just begun. The scene of lying dead in a pool of blood, his younger brother and nephew killed made Somapala fainted.

Forty four people killed by knives. A few hours later the bodies of all of them dumped in an emerald-green paddy field and crudely buried soon. All the bodies had seen as were split open by the knives to save the expensive bullets by LTTE terrorists.

They were victims of a bloody, sectarian war fought by Tamil fighters, led and directly ordered the massacres by a blood thirsty monster called Prabhakaran, the LTTE chieftain, the terrorist of the terrorist. They have a well-earned reputation for fanaticism and ruthlessness. Every activist wears a cyanide pill, for suicide if captured, around his or her neck.

This Sinhalese village Mahakongaskada is being slowly stripped of life by the violence. They became a soft target by being near to the Tamil villages thus the terrorists can able to reach them easily. Later years also they became a soft target of NGOs whom had different agendas rather productively support the affected village.

They have never cooked a rice bowl at an auspicious time for another Sinhalese New Year celebration for years but remained the tears for years reminding the lost loved ones.

With the recommendation and advices of Venerable Pannasara thero in Vavniyava main temple, Helabima organization came forward with several projects in order to support the heart broken people in this poor village including renovation of the village irrigation tank.

You are now watching some of the pictures when the villagers became happier after many years.