Moraweva fishing boat project

Moravweva in Trincomalee is consisting of all three ethnic groups and it is noted that the LTTE is actively involve in ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese living in the area started from 02/03/88 by fourteen Sinhalese villagers shot dead, Morawewa by LTTE .

The principle ideological driving force of LTTE for their policy of ‘separatism' is ethnic identity, which is fostered and financed by the so called Tamil refugees in West and Western propaganda agencies who have different agendas. This type of Ethnic identity politics directly support ethnic cleansing, which replaced the communism or democracy or any other human friendly way of living. The places like Moraweva were under constant threat. 

The lack of security has had a major impact on Sinhala population in the area where the continuous assassinations, abductions of Sinhalese taken place by LTTE.

The chief Priest of a Buddhist temple in Moraweva asssinated in May 2007. The monk was a renowned worker for peace and tried to ensure inter-ethnic amity despite the divisions that are being created due to the war.

The LTTE rule through clan-family-gang based nepotism, funded and driven through pillage and forced funding from Tamil public wealth created under the Separatism and Tamil racism. Unfortunately In most cases the ethnic ties between India and Sri Lankan Tamils directly decline the living standards of Sinhalese and Muslims in Moraweva under the ‘Tamil only' denomination.

Under such situation, Helabima communicated to investigate what type of support can provide in order to alleviate the poverty of most neglected Sinhalese community. Helabima organization never approach or promote the harmful way of counter attacks against the LTTE.

It must be clearly noted that the principle success of the LTTE strategy of promoting separatism was in destroying the ethnic ties between three communities but not at all promoting viable independent democracy. Though in a minute scale compare to the funds coming to LTTE, Helabima organization had carried out complete opposite policy compare to LTTE dictatorship.

Fishing boat project was the result of the discussions with the community in Moraweva by the request from Mr Sunil Althge in North and East Sinhala Organization.

The cost of such a project (1,25,000 Sri Lankan Ruppese, roughly about 1250 USD) is nothing compare to the funds coming to LTTE from the separatist rich Tamil cartels living in West but it made a peaceful attempt to genuinely support the poor people living in Moraweva.

At the end of this page it is a must to write the past period as most violations, killings go unreported and had never been uninvestigated. The government recently decided to give more powers to the military; the armed forces are now expected to perform the functions of the police as well assuring not to bring back the bitter past.