Mahakongaskada village development

This villege situated in the North Western tip of Vauniya District, accessible via Medawachchiya Punewa town. The village is of great historic value. There are about 140 families currently residing in the "remaining segment" of the village; main livelihood is paddy & chena cultivation. Many of those families have moved out of their homeland after the massacre by LTTE Tamil Terrorists.  This horrendous massacre took the lives of almost all people in northern segment of the village on 11th October, 1988. Though the past cannot be recreated, there are still important things to carry out for the existing peace loving, just minded people in the village. Helabima committed the development of the village and invites all the patriotic Sinhaleese to involve in this great activity.

in view of the circumstances, 

  1. Resettling the abandoned segment of the village with kith & kin of  the massacred families who are unwilling to settle in other parts of the village.
  2. Provision of decent shelters with basic facilities. 
  3. Moral boosting of the villagers by linking them in to the armed forces. 
  4. Rehabilitation of the huge tank for all water needs. 
  5. Development of Mahakongaskada school by providing basic facilities and amenities. 
  6. Establishment of a temple as the guiding star for all.
  7. Development of  Infrastructures of the area.

We are at Helabima are ready now to take you to the completion of Mahakongaskada Weva.(Tank). Today, we can show you the pictures of the tank filled with water. This is the promise of Helabima Organization to the Mahakongaskada Village and another dedicated commitment towards our Mother Nation.

In the event of completion of the Tank (Wava), Helabima Organization arranged a visit to Mahakongaskada village. Helabima Organization took this opportunity to handover the Tank officially to the village. The villages have appointed a family to control the distribution of water to the paddy fields and other agricultural needs. This family is also from the same generation of Water controller (Wava Vidhane).  Mahakongaskada village is now having a Buddhist temple and there are about 3 Buddhist monks are all ready looking after the needs of the village. Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero decided to hold the arms giving ceremony on newly constructed tank along with the members of Helabima organization and the villages who benefit from this tank.

Below pictures shows the Maha Sanga having Dhanaya on the newly constructed bunt of the tank (Weva). Maha Sanga also accepted Dhanaya on the banana leaves.