Foods and other essential items as Tsunami relief aids

Immediate actions taken by Helabima organization in Tsunami disaster.

This page describes the immediate actions taken by the Helabima organization at the Tsunami disaster. Our members had approached three ways to support the Tsunami affected people.

Helabima hadimmediately contacted the North East Sinhalese organization when heard about the Tsunami. They informed that there were no whatsoever support, donations from any NGO or by any governmental body for the areas in Trinkomalei, Bodhivila (Pothuvil), Ulla and Kumana.

Helabima members were able to collect 3, 00,000 RS (Approximately 3,000 USD) within a day and the money had been spent on the most required items such as dry rations, medicines, clothes, dairy products for the children and temporarily tents. There were many similar items given by the members and all the goods were shipped to Sri Lanka by a forty feet container.

Meanwhile, as a result of approaching the Motorola Company in U.A.E. by Helabima members, it was able to receive funds from Motorola Company for the purpose of distributing the school books for the schools damaged by the Tsunami in the Trinkomalei, Madakalapuwa and Ampara districts.

We hereby would like to show our gratitude to the generous Motorola Company and our members in fast action taken to fulfill the requirements of suffered children in Tsunami affected areas.

Later it has been known that the Helabima organization was the first NGO which was able to send the required items to those areas. 

Some of Helabima members already were in Sinhale had been advised by the central committee of the Helabima organization to approach south of the country and Arugambe area which is situated on the south-east coast to study the long term necessities in the areas and possible video coverage to convey the Tsunami destruction to the outer world. Arugambe was chosen due to the fact that it is a surf paradise and popular among many foreign tourists hence the Video would have a higher impact.

Though there is no room to asses the impact of such a documentary video around the world, an immediate action had been taken to send the edited video distributed to some major broadcast companies all around the world within ten days after the Tsunami happened. Helabima organization would like to convey the gratitude to Colonel Anil Amarasekare, Professor Kawan Ranatunga (please see the Foot note at the end of this article.) and Mr Daya Fernando in their supports in transportation, accommodation etc provided to the Helabima media unit in Arugambe team in this worthy course.

As it was a known fact and happened where in all the Tsunami affected areas in the island, the Helabima members in Arugambe were fortunate to observe the unusual fact as no destruction to the Buddha statues. It is shown here one example as the statue next to the completely damaged bridge.

It was amazing to see the Buddha statue right next to the Arugambe Bridge absolutely undamaged. Note even the grass at the earth forced removed by the destructive Tsunami waves.

Even the plate glass in front of it and the Bodhi tree near it were unscathed, even though there was much destruction to the Pottuvil village behind it and the distant half of the large bridge was completely destroyed 

and washed away while the other half stood ending in midair as seen in the picture. Later, we have been told that the till box in front of the Buddha statue was also unscathed.

The surroundings next to bridge abruptly changed to a barren land washed away by the tsunami. The towns were a huge mess, though in the process of being cleaned. Earth moving plows were hard at work. All of the shops near the coast had been washed away leaving empty shells. The dead had been buried in mass graves. Our Helabima representatives were told that some of the foreigners had been photographed the dead bodies before the burial and sites recorded as well as taken the clay samples of Buddha statues in order to investigate the hidden scientific facts of not damaging any of the statues by the satanic Tsunami.

The video included all the scenes with a English commentary and please contact Helabima organization if require a copy. The video costs 900 Rs (Approximately 9 USD) and the money will be utilized for the ongoing Tsunami projects which manage by Helabima organization.

In this national disaster, Helabima organization had been used its full strength to contact and coordinate with all the professionals who assisted it in past in order to support the affected people at maximum capacity.

Foot Note:

Professor Kawan Ranatunga is Secretary of LAcNet a US Non-profit organization registered in 1991 which is collecting funds for Tsunami relief in Lanka.

The photos taken from the copy of Lost to the sea By Kavan Ratnatunga which appeared in the SundayTimes of Sri Lanka on 2005 January 9th. Helabima organization would like to publish Professor Kawan Ranatunga’s comment as follows.

“In my original more candid Blog I wrote for distribution among friends I did comment about the Buddha Statue as a Physicist: Many such selective observations from many parts of Lanka hit by the Tsunami are being explained not by Statistical Physics of Turbulent Motion, but the laws of Karma.”