Courage is not the absence

Front Line Soldiers who Combat with Tamil Tigers

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather it is the judgment that more important than the fear.

They are the courage's people who safe guarding the country and the nation . . .

safe guarding even the Tamils in wherever they live . . . . . . who are the kith and kin of blood thirsty LTTE terrorists !!

They are our beloved soldiers who safe guard all the people in Sri Lanka from LTTE who wants to create a fascist terrorist state for their personal benefit.

Our soldiers are constantly under threat not only from the bullets, booby traps or any other conventional weapon used in the battle field but with chemical weapons.

A set of Sri Lankans under the umbrella of Helabima organization got together to mark and honor the courage of Sri Lankan Soldiers by providing them the long overdue rain coats. Priority had given to a r equest came through the Commanding officer at Boyagane army camp to have 500 Rain coats made by a special material for valiant soldiers fighting with LTTE terrorists in Wavnia front line.pons in the peace process few years ago by money laundering, using their own Tamil girls in brothels, drugs smuggling and using many more similar methods. Their direct target is the Sri Lankan soldiers who would dare not fear to fight but committed with immense courage to eradicate the Tamil terrorism.In November 2005 there were some allegations in the media alleging Norway had helped the LTTE to buy chemical weapons through a third party. Anton Balasingham, who had been theoretician of murderous LTTE had talked frequently about acquiring “special weapons” at LTTE fundraising events which were a clear indication that chemical weapons do exist in the LTTE arsenal. It was famous that how LTTE acquired such expensive wea

There was another reaso

How many of them would return . . . . .n for the decision to donate these rain coats.

Would they only to be reminded till the foot steps decayed in the sand . . . . . . .

A soldier would wear his uniform not for hours but for many days within extremely harsh conditions no matter it is with sweat or rain. A rain coat is especially useful in rainy season to avoid getting wet as well as a support camouflaging when moving in the jungles.

200 rain coats handed over to thding officer in Wavunie comman

We would kindly requesting you to participate in this on-going patriotic project in the name of unity Sri Lanka .a on (The date appear in first page) and later sent the second lot contains 350. Effective from today, 6 th November 2008, they received rain coats only by Helabima organization despite of the necessity and the request from other patriotic organizations. It is known that what the army got in time was only from Helabima organization. Helabima members further donated money for 360 rain coats.