Bicycles donation to Aselapura Army Camp in Welikanda

Aselapura Amy camp situated about 10 kilo meters off Welikanda in Polonnaruwa district towards to Toppigala. Aselapura Army detachment control area is covering a huge area and that areas are includes with many poor villages. Most of the villages does not have even proper drinking water facility to cater to their day to day life. The cultivation is done from the water supply that comes from Mahaweli river via "Z" canal.

It is a difficult task for Aselapura camp to send its security personal around its control area due to the transport issue. Helabima positively responded to provide Bicycles to Aselapura camp. On 14/08/2008 Helabima handed over 18 Bicycles to Aselapura camp to protect innocent civilians from LTTE Tamil terrorism.

Below list was issued by Aselapura Amy Camp in order to Thank all of those who participate for this donation