New building for Asokapura School

This project had been started mainly to facilitate 152 school children from approx 175 families who became homeless and displaced due to the inhuman racial attacks by LTTE. Those families were from Jaffna, Mannar, Trincomalei and Vavniya districts. They were resettled in Ashoka pura situated 3 km from Mihintale after they have thrown out from their native lands by LTTE who still propagate the blatant lie of “Tamil home land”. 

Each family who came to Asoka pura had given small plots which are only suitable to build mere a shelter by authorities, but no cultivation lands provided. It was another act of the distorted, unplanned, and lethargic governmental agencies which prevailed at the time. Villagers did not have any gathering point for social events and literally they were not entitling for any civic rights.

The most suffered were the children at pre-school age and many had to sacrifice their school life to support the family. Even the fortunate children had to walk 3 km to the nearby schools. Considering all these hardships, HB came forward to build a suitable building for Asoka pura in order to fulfill their immediate educational requirements in pre-school level as well as to set up a gathering point for their social and religious activities.

The families were not able to support building any infrastructure facilities for themselves or to their own children since they became very poor and economically unstable due to the looting done by LTTE. It has to be noted the very fact this families were mainly involved in farming and they had spent every rupee on the cultivation on their farming lands which lost eventually due to the so called Northern riots by LTTE. Later the villagers willingly and voluntary provided the physical labor in this task of making the building in order to compensate their inability of monetary support to make the building. 

The prime aim of the Helabima organization was to upgrade the children's education by providing their basic requirements. After the preliminary investigations, project started on Oct. 2000 and was satisfactorily able to complete on March 2001. The project coordination carried out by Ven Millewe Mahinda thero via Sahanoda Foundation.

 The project cost was 4, 25,000 Rs. (Approximately 4,250 USD) and funded in three consecutive installments.A grand opening ceremony was highlighted at the latter half of year 1999 and it was opened by one of the child who was keen on studies in the village.


Location of the event: