Constructions of a Pre School for poor & helpless kids at Thantirimale

Tantirimalei situated next to the Vilpattu National park from the East and twenty three miles from Anuradhapura . 

It has a great religious importance as well as geographical importance bestowed to the country, hence was a land mark of the territorial integrity for centuries. For many centuries, Tantirimalei flourished by Sinhalese Buddhist values and never faced a barbarity from the later migrated Dravidians from South India who has no moral or legal right to rule the Sinhalese nation in the area. 

The situation had been severely disturbed by the Tamil terrorists who brutally massacred thousands of people in eighteen villages in Tantirimalei area to fulfill their illusionary Ealam concept. 

The shelter had given to the people whom lost their mother lands by late Ven Ghanavimala thero (later assassinated by LTTE conspiracy) and Ven Chandaratana thero in Tantirimalei main temple till the partial resettlement of the people later. 

Helabima organization was also actively participated in this great task by donating four pre-schools, seven houses as well as the renovation of Nilmalgoda irrigation tank much needed for the rice farming in the area. .

Location of the event: