Kuragala Buddhist Monastery

Kuragala rock temple had found out as developed in the same era when Mihintalei, Wessagiriya, Ritigala, Dimbulagala, Situlpahuwa etc. According to this Sinhela Commentary, the language of these Sihala people was Sinhela or helubas. The earliest known Sinhela writings are in a rock inscription in Mihintale, that belong to the middle of the 3rd century BCE.

The temple has been recognized by the archeological department as developed within first centaury B.C by the famous Sri Lankan Archeologist Professor Paranawithana hence the site is older than Mihintale. Had it not been found and translated the meanings of the ancient rock scripts as the Sinhalese Buddhist heritage by him, the history would have already been erased by the later developed Muslim intruders. Kuragala is one out of many sites which the governmental authorities such as Archeological department should concentrate in order for the preservation for the sake of future generations. But unfortunately the Archeological department also had died with Professor Paranawithana's demise. It was unfortunate that very little attempt is made by any other authorities to highlight the importance of this historic site.

Either the distorting or complete removal of the ancient script in such a sacred and historical site would not always prompt another new culture to be emerged. One of the best examples is the destruction of Bahamian Buddha statues in Kabul, and this act conveyed the message which Afghanistan was a Buddhist country by the whole world. 

Historically, such attempts in Sri Lanka also were not able to remove the deep rooted Buddhism from the minds of Sri Lankan Buddhist. Best example can be taken as the destruction of Buddhist temples in Portuguese era. Existence of Buddhism even after such direct threats proved the long standing cultural Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka.

It should note by the reader that Kuragala historic site has been partially destroyed by Muslims by making an illegal mosque over the ruins.

The Muslim Agenda:

For nearly thirty years, Sri Lanka has been in the throes of a terrorist war with the LTTE terrorists and the damage to human life, property, democratic governance and freedom to move in the North and East have all suffered and the entire country has suffered severe economic losses.

With the light of even the Sri Lankan government backing to LTTE in Kumaratunga period, there was parallel Muslim agenda had arisen such a way, “If the North is being given to the LTTE for a Tamil Homeland, then the East must be the Homeland of Muslims in this country! In fact the second threat in the new phenomena might have very well turn out to be far more serious and complex reality than the LTTE threat since the Muslims jeopardize the harmony in other parts of Sri Lanka by destroying many Buddhist and cultural sites inspired by their destructive ideologies.The picture of destruction of Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya drawn by the famous Sri Lankan artist Soliyas Mendis.

Considering Kuragala as a place to support under such a threat, the Helabima organization has funded to built a monastery in a plot at the same area which saved by Venerable Ghanissara Thero who went through many sacrifices in order to safe guard the area against the Muslim threats in early 1940's. The Thero informed Helabima members that the Muslims thrown the Buddha statues in to the Toilet pits when they had built the Muslim mosque over the ancient ruins.

This tiny island called "Sri Lanka" had been the home of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, and Malays which comprises of Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian including Catholic as well as Islamic adherents. Through history, it is seen how harmoniously all communities have lived. Unfortunately with the support of newly acquired wealth from Arabs, the Muslims had over-stepped the acceptable and decent boundaries of "co-existence”.

What we witness today, is the scheming plots and plans of the Islamic and Catholic/Christian adherents against Buddhists and the Sinhalese in this country with a view of undermining the majority. Just as much as they wish to establish their identity, does not the Sinhalese or Sinhala Buddhists have a right to wish to protect and preserve the already established identity which is rightfully ours?

Finally, let us understand that there is a "concurrent conspiracy" both by the Western backing Christian Churches as well as by the Islamic world, to convert all countries in this region which are either non-Christian or non-Islamic into their faiths.

In this conspiracy, Buddhists in all around world are caught up and sandwiched! Let us not be naïve and accommodating to the extent that we will be bulldozed just like the late Mr. M.H.M.Ashroff literarily bulldozed the Deegavapi Sacred Area!, and we must continue support the cultural heritage of Sinhalese based on Buddhism which will never be destroyed by its inherent peaceful and unbiased nature.

Religion in 2050 AC

The position was one which, even a hundred years ago, would have seemed unthinkable, but the catastrophic political and social changes of the last century had all combined to give it certain inevitability. With the failure or weakening of its three great rivals, Buddhism was now the only religion that still possessed any real power over the minds of men.-Dr. Sir Arthur C. Clarke,

-From the novel written in 1957, The Deep Range-