Building of Aranthalawa Monument

In a calm sunny day at Arantalawe area, a bus is moving at a lonely road with saffron colored wearing Buddhist monks. They were going to a religious ceremony.

There were some people waiting for the bus at the road side. They seem armed soldiers but without uniforms. The leader was taller and dark kept his sharp eye at the road and seen the bus slowly approaching as he expected. He jumped at the middle of the road and commanded the bus to stop. It slowly crept toward him and the armed group surrounded and jumped in to the bus even before it stopped. The driver recognized the heavily armed people and paralyzed with fear.

For a moment there is silence. Everyone has forgotten their own peril. The leader of the gang shouted to the scared driver to turn the bus in to the bushes. Once the bus stopped with the yell of tires at gravel , the leader given the commanded again in Tamil, “Kill them all!

This story would have been unheard unless one of the Buddhist monk (Andhaulpatha Buddasara Thero) survived with serious wounds to unveil this brutal massacre of thirty one monks on 2 nd June 1987 by LTTE terrorists to the outer world.

A silence enveloped and everybody got goose bumps when they realized he is telling the truth and not just a verbal threat.

Screaming, a small monk stands up in the rear of the bus. "I'm too young to die," he wails. Then the older monk calmly said to the leader of the gang, "Well, if you want to kill us, would you spare the young ones and kill me. What would you get if you kill those innocent ones?

Machine guns responded to his voice and to the other monks. Soon the yelling voices and the sound of the guns decayed then complete silence remaining with the smell of smoke and vapors of blood. The dead bodies made the saffron robes red in the slippery floor of the bus.

The monument erected behalf of the names of the monks in Aranthalawa at the same spot after eighteen years after the massacre taken place. The calm sunny day still remains in Aranthalawa with the lonely monument.

Long time elapsed from the day when LTTE had killed those innocent monks to provoke Sinhalese people against the Tamils to start another riot but failed. LTTE many times attempted to use their massive propaganda machine to justify the massacre.

Though they might have been successful in justification among the heartless LTTE supporters and blind westerners, the whole peaceful world will not forget it.

. . . . . . The calm sunny day still remains at Aranthalawa with the lonely monument.